Compensation Consulting

The most taboo topic for many Americans today isn’t sex, religion or politics. It’s the size of our paychecks! From senior managers to hourly workers, we’re all concerned about compensation.

If you’re an employer, chances are you face compensation questions all the time. You want to be fair – and competitive. Yet you don’t want to create salary and benefits packages that are out of line with your region or industry. And of course, you’re concerned with compliance issues.

IPG can help. We experts at designing compensation plans for organizations of all types and sizes and are also deeply knowledgeable about labor law and regulations governing fair pay. We’ll help you avoid costly compliance mistakes that could seriously impact your organization.

How can we help you?
IPG compensation consultants can work with you in many ways: we can function as adjuncts to your HR department, as project managers/subject experts for specific projects, or simply as needed. Depending on your needs we can:

  • Assist you in developing a pay philosophy or grade structure based on job titles and scope of responsibilities
  • Develop job descriptions and performance standards
  • Based on market data, determine if you are currently paying too much, or too little
  • Create models to project costs of various compensation scenarios
  • Advise you on the legal, financial and other implications of different payment policies and practices
  • Develop the most efficient way to administer employee pay increases.
  • Develop performance review processes and forms
  • Train your own HR staff to perform compensation analyses: assist with selecting appropriate compensation surveys for your region and type of organization, guide you or your staff through first-time survey input, data analysis, and developing pay recommendations
  • Develop unique base pay, incentive or bonus programs for specific long- or short-term needs
  • Analyze your current employee pay rates against employee qualifications and performance, and identify possible gender or age based pay inequities
  • Teach you how to determine which positions are exempt or non-exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act (who should be paid overtime)
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