If you’d rather focus on managing your business than administering employee benefits plans, let IPG lighten your load!

By making us the primary administrator of your benefits plans, you won’t need to worry about enrollment deadlines, paperwork, billing hassles, compliance issues or resolving claim disputes. IPG professionals will do all the administrative work — and work closely with you to control costs and ensure employee satisfaction.

Our administrative services include:

  • Benefit plans administration, including enrollment processing, rewewals, billing, contract interpretation issues, legal compliance, and claim resolutions.
  • Benchmarking for cost control
  • Carrier meetings and presentations to employees
  • Benefits communications to employees, including newsletters, brochures, videos and other materials to educate your employees and answer their questions
  • Employee opinion surveys to keep you informed about employee satisfaction levels and other issues related to their work and benefits
  • Web-based HR solutions – Looking for a way to ease the administrative burden? IPG can help you select the right Application Service Provider (ASP) for your needs and budget.
  • Management reporting – Management planning is simplified when you have reliable figures and projections. Let IPG supply you with the cost and claims and data you need for benefits budgeting and strategic planning.
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