Our Tools

IPG uses a comprehensive array of high-tech tools to streamline our benefits management services. Many of our technological resources can also be accessed by IPG clients, making communication more convenient, and giving you instant access to important information.


HR Connection offers a secure, online “clearinghouse” where both employees and employers can manage and access important benefits information 24/7. No more printing and distributing employee benefit plans, company policies and procedures and information updates. Instead employers can simply direct employees to HRConnection to find:
• Their company history and mission statement
• An employee directory and company handbook
• Human resource forms
• Employer sponsored benefit plan summaries, rates and provider information
• Other important employee benefits information

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Pharmacy benefits have become one of the most valued – and expensive — areas of employee benefits. Employees value their drug benefits highly, and use them extensively.

IPG’s Zywave Partner Network currently represents over 1.3 million self-funded lives. Buying power like this gives us considerable leverage and allows us to deliver significant savings to clients. In cooperation with Trivantage PharmacyStrategies, Inc, Zywave has developed Zywave Rx. Zywave Rx gives you access to preferred pricing from two leading national PBMs, as well as the expertise and resources you need to manage pharmacy benefits needs.

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Broker Briefcase is an Internet-based service that provides IPG clients with industry information and legislative updates, as well as employee education and communications materials, such as payroll stuffers, surveys and more. Broker Briefcase also provides IPG with direct access to the national network of Zywave employee benefits partners, allowing us to assess national insurance and HR trends and to get state-specific employee benefits recommendations and requirements from other firms across the country.

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